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Landscaping is more than just planting a couple of plants out the front of your new house. It is one of the best techniques you can use when trying to improve the overall health and aesthetic appeal of your home and property. Carrying out landscaping to a high level of professionalism isn’t something that you can just learn overnight. It takes years of understanding in relation to the fauna used, experience in working in different climate conditions and of course the right tools with the correct knowledge on how to operate and use them. This is where the team at Landscaping Port Macquarie Come in.

Often everyday home owners think they can get away with carrying out their own landscaping. This is all in an effort to save a couple dollars here and there which doesn’t always work out. Doing your own work can often lead to a costly mistake in where their end result is not up to the standard they were hoping. We have all the know how and tools in ensure you are going to get a top-quality job every single time. We provide a variety of services from installation of retaining walls, paving, general landscaping and even garden maintenance. Everything you would need to bring that wow factor back into your outdoor space.

Although we would all love to have the time to work on our own lawns and gardens to develop out landscaping a large portion of us simply just don’t have the time or the experience to do a proper job. Don’t let your landscaping stay the same eye sore its always been! Give us a call today on 0401870940 or fill out one of our free instant quotes and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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The Importance Of Landscaping

If done correctly, the potential benefits associated with landscaping are endless. With the correct know how and technical experience, even small projects can improve the environment around the landscaped area. This can all be done while providing a beautiful atheistic appeal at the same time. We always try to get the most out every landscaping service we carry out. What a lot of people fail to realise is a well-planned landscape can provide large benefits. An example of this would be reduced air conditioning and heating costs. Even air temperatures in a yard planted with shade trees on a hot summer’s day can be up to 6 degrees cooler compared to that of an un-planted yard. If you’re seeking to the most out of your outdoor space, there really is no other choice than hiring a professional.

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In addition to providing an amazing service, we pride ourselves on our customer service and ability to work with the vision that you have. No matter what you are trying to achieve whether that’s an extravagant outdoor area to just a side garden, our highly skilled professionals will make the whole process as pleasant and painless as possible. We know the best methods to help produce the masterpiece you’d love your outdoor space to be. Each service is tailored made to fit your specific ideas and area. This is done to ensure you are getting the absolute best result that will look amazing for years to come.


Services We Provide

At landscapers Port Macquarie we provide a variety of services which cover most if not all of your landscaping needs. From lawn maintenance, retaining walls, paving and general landscaping we have everything you could possibly need all under one roof. There really is no need to go anywhere else. Each service can be hand crafted for your specific area and we will work with you to achieve the result you desire.

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Most people know that presentation is a major part in selling and landscaping is a key element in improving the presentation of your home. However, landscaping provides a vast amount benefits far beyond just a visual effect. Since it’s an important addition to any home, it’s essential that your landscaping is carefully planned out and executed by a professional. Falling into the trap of trying to do it all yourself only to realise you aren’t nearly as prepared as you should be can all be avoided by calling us! Our team has years of experience working on all kinds of landscaping projects. Big or small each design is treated with the exact same level of care and attention to detail. Everything is taken into account from the terrain, climate and even the temperature. Some plants don’t thrive in certain areas and under certain conditions, we take this under consideration and adapt our projects to fit the surrounding environment.

Applying this level of care ensures that our customers are getting the most out of their services which creates stunning results that last for years to come. This is a skillset we have developed over our many years working in the industry and is something we pride ourselves on. Poor landscaping can decrease the value of any well-designed building so why risk the disappointment of doing all the work yourself? Let us provide you an amazing landscaping experience!




whether it’s a walkway, driveway or patio area, paving is a fantastic option for improving the look of any outdoor space. With a virtually endless combination of patterns and colours they make for an extremely versatile addition to any area. With the ability to expand and contract, pavers are more practical than traditional poured concrete and last for a longer period of time with very little effort to maintain.  Because of these incredible benefits, more and more people are leaning towards paving services for their home.

If you are looking to add pavers to your current landscaping it is imperative that you hire a professional team to correctly design the area and install them correctly. Landscapers Port Macquarie provides a premium paving service. Through our years of experience, we can recommend the best pavers to suit your specific project and carry out the full instalment process from start to finish. The last thing anyone would want is to attempt this on their own and accidently order the wrong type that don’t fit or the wrong colour that don’t match your desired look. We take all the worry away by doing this for you! Our amazing staff will make quick work of your next paving project, no matter how big or small it may be.



Maintaining your garden is an excellent way to increase your properties appeal. Not only does a well-maintained garden look amazing, it provides a safe space for people to sit and relax in. More often then not most people underestimate how often they should be working on their gardens which can lead to them appearing unattractive and unkept. Due to lack of experience, expertise and the correct tools most people’s gardens never reach their full potential because they aren’t investing in a professionally company to do the hard work for them.

If you’re struggling to maintain your shrubbery or perhaps you just don’t have the time, this is the service for you! Our team is more than equipped with the right skill set to take your outside space to the next level. From hedge trimming to lawn mowing we have you covered with our comprehensive service. We understand that each garden is different, that’s why we can tailor make a garden maintenance program to suit your specific area. Never have to worry about doing all the work yourself again! We offer a large variety of solutions to ensure you are getting the most out of your garden all year round.


Retaining walls provide a divide in your backyard or outdoor area. Adding a garden or separating a certain area can all be done through these walls. In addition, these can be used as a seating area or simply for a visual appeal. Many homeowners are unaware of the important role retaining walls play in the overall health of a property. From mitigating erosion of soil and wash out after excavation, retaining walls protect structures from damage related to soil collapse. Properly constructing and maintaining retaining walls is vital to prevent risk or soil collapse which can potential damage your property.

For a lot of people, the idea of designing and making their own retaining walls might be well out of their level of expertise. There’s a variety of factors to think about from the shape to the type of material of the product. This is where we come in, our professional team has an eager eye for this and will give you the best options to choose from ensuring you’re getting the best results possible. We make what can be a stressful process simple and as painless as possible.

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Overall landscaping can provide amazing benefits, it’s environmental, financial and atheistic factors are more than enough to make anyone want what’s best for their home. When it comes to landscaping services in Port Macquarie there really is no other company better suited for the job. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and attention to detail. In addition, our customer service is unmatched to our competitors and will work side by side with you to achieve the outdoor space of your dreams. For your next landscaping project give us a call today.

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